Vardenafil: Fight Impotency With This Medicine

The generic name Vardenafil is a popular drug use to treat impotency in male. This drug is used orally to treat erectile dysfunction. This is characterized by inability of the penis to regain or maintain erection. It is very helpful in maintaining the ability of male in sex drive. Vardenafil works by relaxing the muscle as well as allowing the blood to adequately flow all throughout the body. It comes in the form of tablet taken via oral route one to two hours before sexual activity. The ideal starting dose is 10 mg; however, a lower dose of 5 mg is given to geriatric patients. Foreplay or sexual stimulation is necessary for the drug to take effect.

Important Matters To Consider: Inform your primary-care physician to any allergies that you have. Vardenafil may or may not increase the occurrence of allergy. Hence, it is important to inform your doctor immediately. Ask your doctor as to what things or activities should be avoided while undergoing Vardenafil treatment. Some medications can affect the pharmacokinetics of Vardenafil like Vaprisol, Gleevec, antidepressant medications, antibiotics, hypertensive drugs, cardiac medications, and tuberculosis drugs. Retroviral medicines like Viracept and Lexiva can influence the efficiency of Vardenafil. The drug can be taken with or without food. Always follow doctor's prescription and guidelines in taking Vardenafil. Inform your primary-care physician about your previous hospitalizations, past medical history, and past surgical history before undergoing Vardenafil treatment. Significant health situations that can involve Vardenafil are hypertension, seizure disorder, heart conditions, previous stroke episodes and physical deformities of the male sexual organ. buy Overnight Drugs online no prescription

Contraindication And Precautionary Measures: Vardenafil should never be given to a patient with hypersensitivity reaction to the drug. Do not take alcoholic beverages while receiving Vardenafil. Drinking alcohol can increase the appearance of side effects of Vardenafil. Avoid taking products or food beverages that contains grapefruit extracts. There are recorded dangerous effects on using Vardenafil and grapefruit at the same time. Always ask for doctor's prescription before taking Vardenafil or any impotent drugs. Be cautious in taking Vardenafil, especially if you have heart disorders. Be watchful on the signs of priapism. This is a painful type of erection that last for four to six hours. Extra precautionary measures are given to patients who are undergoing drug therapy for cardiac disorders. Most of the anti hypertensive and cardiac medications greatly affect the physiologic function of Vardenafil. Patients with renal as well as hepatic disorders should take extra measures on taking Vardenafil.

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Vardenafil Side Effects: Every drug has specified side effects or adverse reactions. Mild side effects of Vardenafil are erythema or redness discoloration of the body, especially in the face, colds, vertigo, dizziness, fever, headache, pain in the stomach, and muscle pain. Among the serious side effects of taking the Vardenafil are a change in vision, edema of the lower extremities, seizure-like attacks, painful erection of the penis and difficulty of breathing, palpitations, chest pain, auditory disturbances, and sudden fainting. These are just the called side effects of Vardenafil. If you experience any side effects not mention here, seek medical attention immediately for any serious side effects of Vardenafil.

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Storage: You should store Vardenafil in a safe place away from pets and children. Do not put Vardenafil inside the bathroom. The recommended room storage for Vardenafil is 15 degree Celsius to 30 degree Celsius. Carefully follow the drug literature to ensure proper handling of the medication.

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