Zovirax, A Commonly Used Anti-viral Drug

Numerous anti-viral drugs have hit the market lately. Zovirax is one of them. Being an anti-viral drug, Zovirax is specifically used for the treatment of the herpes virus. Zovirax is prescribed for the treatment of all the illnesses caused by the herpes virus. The illnesses that can be caused by Herpes virus include:
- Herpes simplex (the major disorder associated with this virus)
- Chicken pox
- Shingles
Symptoms can include rashes and blisters on the infected areas. It must also be noted that Zovirax cannot completely cure your disease rather it can reduce the symptoms. Soon after taking a few doses, your symptoms will start to get better.
As has been said earlier, Zovirax does not cure your disease. It reduces the symptoms. It has had a very significant in reducing the symptoms of chicken pox. If Zovirax is taken within 24 hours of the onset, it reduces the lesions. It also decreases the healing time and lowers the fever. This makes it a very important drug for the treatment of chicken pox. Zovirax is also often used to reduce the effects of illness caused by the herpes virus like herpes simplex. This disease mostly affects the genital areas. Care should be taken that the hands should not touch the eyes after touching the infected areas. Also, because of the contagious nature of the virus, the infected person should keep themselves away from healthy people so that they do not contract the disease.

Preparations And Dosage Of Zovirax: Zovirax is available in a variety of forms. Zovirax is different from other anti-viral drugs as it comes in almost all forms. This has been one of the reasons for its success. The doctors have been prescribing Zovirax all over the world in various forms. The form of the drug that the doctors prescribe depends upon the nature of the symptoms, the age of the patient as well as some other factors. It is available in the following forms: buy Tadalafil online https://buynoprescriptiononlinerxx.net no prescription
- Capsules (the capsules come with a weight of 200mg each)
- Tablets ( in tablets, there are two choices, you can go for 200mg or 400mg according to the prescription of your physician)
- Suspension
- Injection
- Ointment
The Zovirax dosage in adults can range from 200mg to 800mg every four hours. This makes it 5 times a day. The intra-venous dosage is given every 8 hours. The utility of taking Zovirax is that you can take it with or without food. buy abilify online https://buynoprescriptiononlinerxx.net/abilify.html no prescription

Effects Of Zovirax On Pregnant Women And Nursing Mothers: There has not been enough evidence of Zovirax affecting pregnant females. A study was carried out about the effects of Zovirax on pregnant females and the results showed that the ill effects on the fetus during the first trimester were the same as the ill effects of the population that was not taking Zovirax (normal population). Therefore, Zovirax cannot be declared to have adverse effects on pregnant women. However, for mothers who breast feed their children, there is a need for caution. Much of Zovirax is excreted through breast milk, so significant amounts of the drug are likely to pass on to the infant. buy valtrex online https://buynoprescriptiononlinerxx.net/valtrex.html no prescription

Side Effects Of Zovirax: One of the most commonly reported side effects when taking Zovirax is nausea. This may be accompanied by diarrhea, headache and vomiting. Other people who have used Zovirax reported certain side effects like confusion and rashes. Some people have also reported having suffered from anemia and muscle pain from the use of Zovirax.

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